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Why Business Phone Systems Are Redundant In 2021

Sep 1

Business Phone Systems

Staying in touch has become even more nuanced than ever before. Once upon a time, choosing the right business telephone systems for your business was life and death. Get it right and you'd be a hero. Get it wrong, meant significant issues wiht contacting your customers. There are so many more accepted ways to reach clients and customers than in 2019. Gone are the huge swanky offices in favour of home working. Open plan offices are still not occupied even after months of COVID decline.

So are office phone systems still important in 2021. Well, let's say they've morphed into something else. Many companies are opting for virtual phone systems. Systems that are hosted elsewhere. Systems that can easily be scaled up or down without an engineer calling in to change some circuit boards.

These systems are so full of features it puts an old PBX system to shame. They offer, multiphone ringing, hunt groups, answering systems and many more features that would ahve been previously unimaginable.

Consider the concept of being able to phone from your desk phone from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, without the worry of revealing your mobile number. It just make shte world a far smaller and more capable place.