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SAMSUNG GALAXY A52 4G UNBOXING & IMPRESSIONS | Telus & Koodo Fort Saskatchewan

Sep 21

SAMSUNG GALAXY A52 4G UNBOXING & IMPRESSIONS | Telus & Koodo Fort Saskatchewan


So this is the Samsung Galaxy A52... 4G. Hey guys.

It's your Tech Girl, Mary! And welcome back to my channel. As promised, I will buy the Samsung A52 for you guys to have an idea if you should get the phone or not as usual. I also have the Samsung Galaxy A72 as you guys saw from the intro, but in a separate video. Let's first do this one that's more affordable.

This is the Samsung Galaxy A52 in blue. This is also available in black and in white. And for the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, that one guys only has black as the available color.


The name of its colors are very interesting— awesome black, awesome blue, and awesome white. The Samsung Galaxy A52 4G retails for Php18,990.

And if you guys want to opt for the 5G variant, that one retails for Php23,990. Good news... although this video is not sponsored by Samsung or by Lazada, I just want to share that the new A series will be on sale on the birthday sale of Lazada, that's why I wanted to release this video already for others to be aware that there'll be a sale incoming on March 27.



To those who are new to my channel, I usually don't just miss the Samsung A series on my channel. We have the Samsung Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy A51, and here we are, the Samsung Galaxy A52, Samsung's most popular and best-selling midrange device. (entertainment music) Same packaging like before. It has a smaller box inside. We have the poking tool or the SIM ejector tool.

Jelly case that has kind of a tint on it. Paperworks. The phone itself. The color blue is so good, right? The power brick.



Our USB Type-C charging cable. Nothing more. (laughs) We don't have any earphones. So what are the things that you should expect on this smartphone? Of course, there are its main features which are the Infinity-O display, a quad-camera setup that has 64MP with OIS, and an IP67 water and dust resistance.

(entertainment music) Finally, I've revealed and unboxed the device. This will literally be a first impression guys, and it's amazing. You know the feeling that it's like very different from A50 and from the A51. They really did change their design language this time. It's very different from its predecessor which is one of the many reasons why you should upgrade from your A50 and A51.

This is if design matters to you. If I were to describe, guys, its finish, it's very similar to those flagships of Samsung that are the S21.


It's got this kind of like a powder matte finish, but it's not the kind of matte that is a smudge magnet. Because for example, in my case, I have sweaty hands, it will still definitely stick, but it won't look bad anymore if we compare it to the glossy back finish that we have on its predecessors. Although it's still made of plastic, it's kind of, you know, the A series always use plastic.



I don't see anything wrong with that, because we're still in the same price segement so it's understandable. It's just kind of a pity, I'm just hurt guys, because there's no purple that is available in our country, the Philipppine. So design wise, I approve this one, 10/10. And aside from its finish, they also change the camera setup. Aside from that, I also love that it's lightweight.

It weights 189g. I really thought at first that it's above 200g, because I was saying that the device is kind of thick. And aside from that, probably the biggest or additional feature that you guys might want for a smartphone, is the additional IP67 water and dust resistance of it. Now, what does it mean? It doesn't mean guys that you can submerge the device in the pool or in the beach.

This is also rare if you were to ask me, for the smartphones that I've reviewed, that it's kind of rare for midrange devices to have this kind of feature.


It can get wet from the rain, it can be splashed with water, or when you're eating and it accidently got splashed by a small amount of water, your Samsung Galaxy A52 will still be safe. On the top is where you can find the microphone, SIM tray that is dual SIM and expandable via microSD card. On the right, there is its volume rocker and the power button. On the left part it's clear.

We don't have anything on it. And then, below we have the headphone jack, another microphone, USB Type-C port, and its speaker grill. (entertainment music) So here is the display. If I won't mention to you the specs that we have for the display, if you'll notice it, there's some kind of changes. Its side bezels are actually thinner including its chin on the bottom.

Of course, it's on the bottom since it's the chin.


Anyway, it has 6.47 inches of Full HD+ with 90Hz refresh rate with Super AMOLED display. And as a result, browsing through the UI, it's so smooth. It's kind of refreshing, because you know, the A series stayed and had a regular 60Hz ever since.

Even the 90Hz became popular last year, they were still on 60Hz. And I'm glad that they already adopted that. Now, if you don't feel like the 90Hz screen refresh rate is enough for you guys, we have the A52 that is 5G variant that has 120Hz of screen refrest rate which is I know it's amazing, because I thought that the only improvement is its chipset.

Having a 120Hz screen refresh rate is a very flagship-like spec. So yeah, its 5G variant is also impressive.

Now, how about the screen protection? It has the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for the front, and again, on the back it doesn't have any since it's only plastic. So far the display is enjoyable. Its peak brightness can reach up to 800nits, so viewing content even outdoors won't have any problem. Aside from that, it also comes with a Widevine L1 certification.

So when watching on Netflix or any other streaming channels, you can watch movies on HD. Aside from that, it's also impressive that the Samsung Galaxy A52 has a stereo setup. And since we have a Super AMOLED display here, expect that it will have an Always-On Display and an in-display fingerprint sensor. For the in-display fingerprint sensor guys, honestly, as expected..

. You know that in the A51 and A50, I kind of had a problem that their in-display fingerprint sensor is kind of slow.


With this one, it got kind of fast, but there are still times that it'll have delays, so it's not that consistent. That's why this time, there's an option for a face unlock, but it's kind of a hassle since we have a face mask guys when we're outside. So you know, I can't help but to look for a side-mounted fingerprint sensor since that always work faster.

(entertainment music) Now for the performance, this Samsung Galaxy A52 4G variant has the Snapdragon 720G that has an 8nm processor with Adreno 618 GPU. And if you are curious what chipset was used on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, that one has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G with Adreno 619 GPU. Actually, if we were to compare the AnTuTu score of the Samsung Galaxy A52 from its predecesors that are in Exynos 9611, based on what I remember, it didn't reach 200,000 on their AnTuTu benchmark scores.


While this Samsung Galaxy A52, it scored for around 260,000 which is a major improvement. So it increased by a lot from, again, its predecessor.

So far, you know, I had a great experience with the Samsung Galaxy A52. Although, there are smartphones that are recently released right now that is also in its same price segment that has a higher chipset, so the competition is actually kind of tough for this month of March. And I know you're having a hard time in choosing. I know that so I'll help you guys on our future videos on which one is really worth it to buy. And of course, since my time with the A52 is kind of limited, I haven't really played games on this smartphone, so just wait for it in our future videos.

Anyway, the variant that I have here is the 8GB of RAM that has 256GB of internal storage. (entertainment music) Another good news is that the Samsung Galaxy A52 runs the latest One UI 3.1 based on Android 11. (entertainment music) Now, let's talk about its cameras. Actually, it has four camera.

It just looks like it has five since we have a flash.


We have a 64MP primary camera with OIS, a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 5MP depth sensor, and a 5MP macro lens. Just a quick trivia, the smartphones that are in this price segment, we only usually have EIS which is the Electronic Image Stabilization, on this price segement, but Samsung opted to use OIS which is the Optical Image Stabilization, which is much better and I will always choose OIS over EIS any day.


But do take note that this is only in the primary sensor, Although we can shoot videos using the ultrawide camera, it won't be as stable if we were to compare it when using the main camera. Lastly, for the front camera, actually this one didn't improved that much.

It's still 32MP for the front. But I do think the quality of the photos is so much better than the last time. Anyway, if you guys want to see our sample photos, these are the latest shots taken by this smartphone since I just got the device. I'll be flashing them after this clip.


(entertainment music) Lastly, for its battery guys, before I end our video.

.. It has 4,500mAh of battery capacity with supported 25W fast charging, which is actually a nice upgrade if we were to compare it with its predecessor that has 4,000mAh of battery capacity. And if you'll remember guys, its predecessor only has 15W fast charging. That's what we call an upgrade.

But on other countries, although it supports 25W fast charging, the one included in its box is only a 15W power brick.


And same in our country, only a 15W power brick is included in the box. So if you have a 25W in your house, then you might want to use that in this phone. For me, if you'll ask me guys, it did upgrade. Actually, the upgrades that we have on the Samsung Galaxy A52 are very healthy from its predecessor.

The upgrades are very noticeable, it's already evident even just from the design.


But, if again we'll compare it to the other brands, it's already a different topic. So on our review video, I'll also give you some alternatives. Of course, it's also interesting to see how this Samsung Galaxy A51 compete from its competitors. Anyway, thank you guys again for watching my Samsung Galaxy A52 unboxing and first impressions video.

It'll be again on sale In Fort Saskatchewan on March 27 on their birthday sale.


See you guys on my Samsung Galaxy A72 unboxing and first impressions. Bye guys!.


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