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How to Apply Screen Protector for iPhone and Android | T-Mobile

Oct 14

How to Apply Screen Protector for iPhone and Android | T-Mobile



Hey guys, I'm Susanna and today I'm going
to show you how to apply a screen protector. Don't forget to subscribe below
for more How-To videos like this. Let's get started! Today, Helen and I are gonna be installing
a tempered glass screen protector. I'll be installing it on an iPhone  and Helen will be installing it on an Android phone. In the box, you'll get an alignment tray and a cleaning kit which includes an alcohol wipe,
a microfiber cloth, and a dust remover strip. First, we're gonna use the alcohol wipe
to clean the screen of the phone. We're going to use the microfiber
cloth to dry the screen. Next, we're going to remove any dust off at the
screen. Pro tip: You can use scotch tape. Roll it up on the side, and then tap it a little bit.


Now, slowly insert your phone in the alignment tray and I like to double-check to make sure
there's no dust on the screen. There's a little spot right here. One more little piece. Got it. And then all you have to do is remove
the side that says 'Peel here'. And lay from the top down. And you'll see it start to seal. Once that's done, press on the screen
just to make sure it's all together. Look at that – Flawless! We have two professional doctors here. And that's how you install a screen protector. This was Susana with T-Mobile. Thanks for watching! Now stay tuned for another video like this….


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