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Samsung Galaxy Phone Useful Tips and Tricks

Feb 11

Although Apple receives a lot of press, you might be shocked to learn that Samsung is currently the most popular smartphone brand on the planet. Which model is the most popular? Of course, we're talking about the Galaxy! Samsung Galaxy dominates the Android phone market with cutting-edge features, a beautiful design, and a fast operating system.

If you own a Galaxy, you may already be familiar with many of its capabilities, but there's a good chance you still have more to learn. Samsung makes some of the most powerful smartphones on the market right now. There are many hidden features and beneficial methods that can help you save time whether you have one of Samsung's latest products or an older handset such as the Galaxy S7 / S8.Do you want to learn more? Continue reading to learn more cool tricks to try.

Amazing Tips and Tricks on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Modify your Split-screen View

Many Android phones allow you to split the screen in half to view multiple apps at once. But, for a time now, Samsung's operating system has gone a step further by allowing you to pin a chunk of an app in split-screen mode, such as a video, a portion of your Twitter feed, or a section of a map. This will maintain the clip on the top of the screen while you work on something else beneath it.

Wireless Charging Pad 

The Galaxy S10 has a function called Wireless PowerShare that allows it to charge another device wirelessly. Open the Quick Settings panel and select Wireless PowerShare to turn your S10 into a wireless charging pad. Just make sure your phone's battery is at least 30% charged.

Hide Unused Apps

After a few months of use, your phone's application list is likely to become a little congested. Most applications can be uninstalled in order to remove them from the apps list. This isn't possible for all apps, though: there are a number of Samsung and Google system apps that can't be deleted. The "Hide Apps" function can be used to hide certain programs. The apps will remain on your phone but will not appear in your Applications list. Instead, you'll only see apps that you're interested in seeing.

Capitalize Text in One Tap

When it comes to capitalizing letters, here's a quick tip. Of course, you can uppercase each letter individually, but this takes time and can be tedious. If you want to capitalize the first letter of each word in a phrase, select the text and use the shift key to Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word. Highlight and press again to capitalize every word in the text if you want it to be in full caps. It's faster, more user-friendly, and less laborious than repeatedly pressing the shift key.

Make Your Audio Experience Personal

Samsung promises to adapt an audio experience to your preferences, which will be especially useful if you're wearing headphones. Once you've tweaked the settings to find your ideal mix, the phone will remember your selections and use them for calls, music, movies, and any other sound it produces. Return to the Sound quality and Effects menu, press Adapt Sound, and then Personalize sound if you're not familiar with technical words and just want to feel out the optimum blend for you. This will guide you through a quick configuration process that will allow you to listen to sample sound combinations. Choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Snooze Message Alerts

You may snooze notifications by pausing them and removing them from the notification shade for a defined amount of time. Swipe an alert slowly in either way until you see a settings symbol and a bell. Select the amount of time you wish to snooze the alarm by tapping on the bell. It's as easy as snoozing your phone alarm in the morning! 

Type Faster 

Gesture typing allows you to trace a path between letters in a word rather than tapping on them separately. The keyboard creates a prediction about the word you're typing based on the path followed by your finger. Samsung's default keyboard now includes gesture typing technology. SwiftKey's technology is used in this. Tap the "Settings" button on your keyboard to activate gesture typing (this can be found to the left of the space bar). Then select "Continuous input" from the drop-down menu.

Palm Swipe for Screenshots

By swiping your palm across the screen on most high-end Samsung devices introduced in the last two years, you can take a screenshot. Go to the Settings > Motion menu and tick the option for "Palm swipe to capture" to enable screenshots with the palm swipe gesture. A screenshot can now be taken by swiping your palm over the screen. The "Screenshots" folder in the Gallery program is where you can find screenshots. They are also copied to the clipboard, allowing you to paste them into other programs.

Update Regularly

Samsung updates its Galaxy models on a regular basis, introducing newer and more complete features with each iteration. Your phone is capable of far more than you may believe. To unlock your phone's full potential and get the most out of it, try these techniques and keep playing with features. When you don't get your phones updated regularly, there is a chance that your phone may not function as it should and lead to bigger issues. In case that happens, it's best to bring your galaxy phones to a reputable mobile phone repair company like Fix My Phone Now Australia. We fix android phones like the Samsung Galaxy models as well as iPhones. Whether you have screen damage, water damage, or battery problems, we can provide the best solutions quickly and effectively.