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The Most Popular Tablet Issues

Jan 13

The tablet is undoubtedly a trendy term to be reckoned with, given the rapid rate of transformation in the world of digital technology. This item is in the hands of many gadget lovers who value the inventiveness of creative brains. Tablets are undoubtedly the most significant technological development in the previous 10 years. Laptops and PCs were the only computer devices that were widely utilized prior to this. Without a question, 2010 was the year the tablet erupted onto the scene. But like any other digital gadget, tablets are not immune to regular wear and tear, and damages that come with constant usage. Let's list down the most common issues that we encounter when we use our Android tablets and iPads

The Common Issues of Tablets

Frozen Screen 

When your tablet's touch screen stops working, you can't use it. It's possible that the screen is frozen.  This is a serious issue, and you might be asking how you're going to solve it if you can't touch the screen. Turning on and off your gadget allows it to regenerate, so just switch it on and off.  If this doesn't work, you can check your battery and try to charge it so that your touch screen becomes usable again. 

Unrecognized Tablet when Connected with a PC

When you connect your device to a PC or Laptop through a cable and it isn't identified, it's a hint that you need to update your driver. Check the state of the USB connection by going to the tablet's menu. After that, you may connect it to a computer or a laptop to test if it works or not! 

Battery Issues 

The battery, like with any digital gadget, is always a concern. People sometimes complain that the battery drains too rapidly, and although this may simply be due to a bad battery, there may be some things you can do to acquire some additional energy. There are different ways that you can prevent your battery from getting replaced too early. You can start off by adjusting the brightness of your screen. Putting it in automatic mode actually helps save battery more versus placing it on manual adjustment mode. The next thing you can check is location tracking. A lot of apps require the use of location tracking for their apps to function properly. Turn off unnecessary tracking in your apps so that you can prolong your battery life. On most tablets, you can also select the battery saving mode so that you don't have to do anything when your battery runs out. 

Slow Operating System

Like with smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, no one likes a slow tablet. Digital gadgets are supposed to make our lives more convenient and faster but when you have slow operating systems, it just breeds frustration and stress. The presence of too many apps on the tablet is a typical cause of lag. As your smartphone consumes more space, it slows down. What can you do to improve the speed of your OS? Delete any programs you don't use, and your tablet should now have enough memory to run properly. 

App Problems 

Apps that we use don't always operate the way we expect them to. The entire screen may freeze at times, or the program may refuse to shut down. It will sometimes give you a heads-up that the app isn't working, and other times it will not. When apps notify you that it is not working, the first course of action is to force shut down an app. Give it a few minutes to rest and then re-start the app. If this doesn't work, check your app if it is updated to the latest version. Keep your apps updated to avoid problems like this in the future. 

Difficulty in Charging

It becomes an issue if your tablet does not charge correctly since you will be unable to use it. Like the touchscreen not working, this is a problem that you need to figure out how to remedy. You can begin troubleshooting this issue by heading to the power source. Is energy being supplied to the power source? Make sure the wall socket isn't one of those that need the light switch to be switched on before power will flow to it. The same goes with charging it via a USB port. Always check if you are plugging the cable into the right sockets. If these are not the issues, double check your charging cable. Charging cables are not as durable as we think and may need replacement every year. 

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