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Drone Photography Allentown, PA | Aerial and Drone Photography Services

Jan 13

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Proudly serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey for all your commercial or individual aerial needs.


Aerial Photography Services | Professional Drone Photography | Aerial Imaging | Aerial View of Events, Properties, Places


Do you need magazine-quality photos of events, properties and places? Our FAA Certified drone pilots will fly high-quality drones to capture images from any angle. Clear aerial photos of properties, people, and products can be used for marketing, sharing your business, showcasing your property, or for any other reason. Our professional photographers and FAA-certified drone pilots will deliver stunning, high-resolution images that can be used in print or digital media. We will help you achieve your goals by simply asking about your business.

Marketing your business with engaging and unique content can dramatically increase your ability to retain and attract customers.

Amazing aerial photography and videos can help you present your property to clients or investors. Showcase the property’s location, features, amenities, as well as its environment. Photograph stunning images of your home, office buildings and apartment complexes to show potential buyers and tenants. We will enhance your photos to help you put your best foot forward. It’s easy to share your project with our aerial photography services. We will take care of everything else. High-resolution photos and videos are captured to ensure the highest quality and clarity.

High Quality Aerial Photography Services can capture cinema-quality video for film and digital media projects. 4K video and aerial cinematography can be used for social media and web marketing. This will help to increase brand recognition and create stunning visuals for print and digital marketing campaigns.

Aerial and Drone Services offers stunning aerial footage, including video and panoramics, to show your property from a unique perspective. This is a great way to view large properties and provide context for nearby amenities and features. We provide professional aerial photography services at competitive prices that will suit your business’ needs.

Aerial photography is a great way to get photos for your website, whether you are looking for photographs of a private event or real estate listings.

Drone photography can be a great way to enhance the scene at your event or property.

Finding a way to demonstrate to potential customers why your course is the best is one of the hardest aspects of managing a golf course. It can be difficult to show the entire course with normal photos. This is no problem with our drone photography services.

Drone photography is a way to capture images at angles and perspectives that are not possible with traditional cameras. The state-of the-art drones we use allow us to place cameras high up in the sky, capturing stunning landscape shots. This allows us to change your perspective and capture the entire picture. Our team has years of experience in drone services/aerial photography and unrivalled attention to detail. We will ensure that you get the best drone photography products for your needs.

Aerial view of wind turbines on modern wind farm from drone pov

Aerial Photography Services


Aerial and Drone Services has a full line of drones (and a helicopter) to provide you the very best, for whatever application you need aerial services for. Our equipment is top of the line, and our prices are very competitive. Our staff is available on short notice and can help you with any type of aerial photography. We are fully FAA licensed and insured, and not only have been flying and promoting drone technology for over 20 years, we also teach it at accredited colleges.

We look forward to working with you. Our service area includes Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but if you are close to those areas and need assistance, call us and we will see if we can help. Our team is professional and experienced, and we provide hassle-free and open communication service.


Aerial and Drone Services around Airports


Do you have an aerial need around an airport or heliport? Special permissions are required to operate a drone there, and we are one of the few drone companies qualified to secure an FAA Waiver using the LAANC process. Our pilots are licensed, experienced, and qualified. In these situations, we operate along side visual observers monitoring designated air traffic control frequencies.

In addition, we are in direct contact with ATC when required.


Aerial and Drone Services has been in this industry for over 20 years. Our team is mainly retired or current special ops or military, and we have worked in many industries. We are familiar with the nuances of construction sites, know how to get the perfect aerial shot of your ski resort for that marketing campaign you’ve always wanted, or can make the perfect aerial family farm shot you’ve always wanted to see. We work with both businesses or individuals. When you work with us, know that your images remain only yours, and are kept confidential and secure. We do not outsource and have our own fleet of top of the line drones, cameras, and even our own helicopter.

Our quotes are free, and if we can’t help you, we will tell you. We follow all laws and regulations, and know that we are aware of how to safely provide you the aerial images you are looking for. We work in many markets, including real estate, construction, inspection, and thermal imaging.

We also provide drone training.


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