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Staying Fit with the Fitbit

Jan 8

As you may be aware, being fit is an important element of maintaining a healthy heart and circulatory system. Medical practitioners strongly advise their patients to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, as well as to create personal physical objectives. You may have heard or read about fitness trackers as a result of this. It's possible that some of your acquaintances or family members wear them. However, you may be asking what they are used for, what the benefits of fitness trackers are, and why people use them.

What is a Fitbit?

You have seen them being worn by celebrities, being posted on different social media sites, and even on the news! It's a Fitbit! What exactly is a Fitbit? 

Fitbit is a consumer electronics and fitness firm based in the United States. It manufactures wireless-enabled wearable technology physical fitness monitors and activity trackers such as smartwatches, pedometers, and monitors for heart rate, quality of sleep, and the number of steps climbed.  Fitbit devices also allow you to manually track your weight and the amount of water you consume each day. Some Fitbit devices combine fitness features with smartwatch capability, allowing you to get notifications for incoming calls and messages on your wrist. Fitbit has released over a dozen activity-tracking wearables over the years, competing with the likes of Apple Watch, Garmin devices, and other smartwatches and fitness trackers that have sparked consumer interest in how physical activity, sleep patterns, and other data can help you keep track of your overall health.

Benefits of a Fitness Tracker

Tailored Programs for Individual Goals 

Maybe you're a season 5k runner who wants to branch out into the 10k and, eventually, half-marathon scene. Maybe you haven't exercised in such a long time that you don't want to shock your body. Many fitness trackers provide routines, recommendations, and achievable objectives that you may establish for yourself.

Personal Accountability

This is the most important advantage and the reason people use fitness trackers. Many trackers keep track of your objectives and progress in order to psychologically motivate you to take more steps than the day before, run faster than yesterday, and maintain a higher peak heart rate for a bit longer. Unless the software that comes with your fitness tracker encourages social media use, you are actually competing against yourself to become a better YOU! 

Group Dynamics

While personal motivation is ultimately important in physical exercise, many individuals appreciate the benefits of broadcasting their activities on social media – and many fitness tracker applications encourage connecting with other fitness trackers in your region, organizing workout groups, and hosting challenges. Depending on the fitness tracker, you may share your progress with your social media networks, making your friends your own personal cheerleaders!

Health Progress Tracking

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit become very helpful support for anyone who wants better health or for anyone who wants to lose some weight. They help you track your progress and keep you in check. Whether you do your workout in the home, outdoors, or even in the office, it is a great thing to be able to monitor your progress ad keep yourself motivated by seeing the stats! 

Sleep Monitoring 

Fitbits are being used to measure how well you sleep by monitoring your movement while you are sleeping. Tracking the quality of your sleep used to include sleeping in a lab with wires attached to you to identify whether you were in REM or NREM sleep. Getting three complete cycles of sleep every night is critical to maintaining your energy levels and providing your brain and the rest of your body the time they need to recoup and digest everything that transpired the previous day.

Stay Healthy. Get a Fitbit.

According to research, keeping track of your daily activities might considerably enhance your health. Self-tracking can help you sleep better, eat healthier, and exercise more simply by highlighting the areas in which you need to improve. Personal fitness trackers like the Fitbit allow you to focus on improving your health and becoming in shape by recording your everyday activities, all at the exact moment! You don't need to spend lots of money on gym memberships, and you don't need to buy brand new and highly expensive fitness trackers to keep yourself fit. Refurbished Fitbits are also available in the market from reputable resellers. The Phone Guy Melbourne offers different kinds of Fitbits at very affordable prices. All our Fitbits undergo tedious testing and quality checks before they are sold in our store and website. You are guaranteed quality fitness trackers and iPhones with warranties that ease your worries.