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A guide to buying refurbished phones

Dec 7

7 Tips in Purchasing Refurbished Mobile Phones 

What is a Refurbished Smartphone? 

Refurbished mobile phones are handsets that were pre-owned, brought back to the manufacturer or reseller, and restored to full operating condition. Most of these phones are sold with a warranty, are in excellent state, with some minor scratches and dents here and there. These days the smartphone use and turnover rate are high. People do not use their phones for more than two years on average. Buying a refurbished phone is not uncommon and you can purchase them from recognized and certified resellers in Melbourne.

If you are considering getting a brand new phone, you may want to consider a refurbished model so you can save money! Here are some tips to take note of when buying a pre-owned phone. 

Choose a model 

The first thing you need to do before buying a phone is to choose the model you want. Phone models determine the age, specifications, and features that need to be accounted for. Do you want a recent OS or Android system? Do you want the latest camera? Or do you just want a phone with all the basic features? All of these will help you decide which phone model you will take. It helps to do your research, read blogs, and watch reviews on the internet. 

Software Check 

Phone software remains stable even after several years of manufacturing. This does not mean that the software should stay the same, it means that a phone software should be capable of regular software updates. Before buying the phone, you must confirm with the reseller or manufacturer whether the device's software is up to date especially the security updates. 

Verify whether the phone is stolen

When buying refurbished phones, it is vital to know whether the device has been registered as stolen or lost. Buying stolen phones may cause greater issues and you may end up not being able to use the phone at all! You can validate this by looking for the International Mobile Equipment Identity NUmber or IMEI through several methods:

  • Dial *#06# on the phone
  • Go to the device's Settings menu and check 
  • Look for the code written on the back of the phone 
  • The original package or box has a barcode containing the serial number 

If the phone is reported stolen or lost, contact your service provider immediately. 

Battery Health

Older phones have a lot of battery issues. You do not want to purchase a phone that has a short battery life because it will become very inconvenient to use. Lithium-ion batteries also experience regular wear and tear. The longer you use your phone, the battery's capacity also decreases by the day. After 2 years of usage, battery life shortens to up to 80% of the original capacity.  There is also the option of replacing the battery when you acquire the phone but may cost extra bucks. If you are not willing to pay that extra expense, you can choose to buy power banks that you can use when your battery suddenly runs out. 

Canvass Market Prices 

Survey the refurbished market for phone prices. You don't want to buy an overpriced refurbished unit and really low-priced units may raise suspicions. Choose a phone that fits in the average market price range. 

Choose a recognized seller

Do not buy refurbished phones from the black market. No one wants to throw away hard-earned money just like that! Make a list of certified and reputable sellers and narrow your list from there. Reputable resellers offer more than just the units, they offer accessories and give you a decent warranty when you buy from them. This makes it easier to return the phone in cases of malfunction or if you simply want to exchange the unit. 

Check if it is tied to a network

The compatibility of your network to the mobile phone of choice is crucial when buying phones. If you end up with incompatible phones, you have to go through the stress of having them unlocked, wasting more time and money. You can also get a multiband unlocked smartphone that can be used with any network, you just need to ask resellers if it is available. 

Advantages of Second-hand Phones

  • Helps save the environment - Buying second-hand phones reduces environmental waste and carbon footprints. 
  • Less costly - Phone models change very fast. Even the older models will have, if not the exact same, but a similar technology and set of features for a fraction of the price of a brand new phone. 
  • Has a warranty - Reputable resellers offer warranties of different lengths. You can return the phone or take it back for repairs if you find it not functioning up to par. 
  • Great condition and quality assurance - Refurbished mobile units undergo multiple testing and quality checks before they are officially put up for sale.

Choose what's best for you

Whether it is an iPhone or the latest Android phone, remember to do your research before buying the phone that suits you and your lifestyle. You can check the internet for certified sellers and scope your nearby malls for offline stores.