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How to unlock your Iphone the easiest way

Nov 18

How to unlock your Iphone for a different mobile carrier

What does unlocking a phone mean?

A locked phone means that a specific mobile phone is exclusively tied to one mobile carrier. If you want to use your phone with another network carrier, the phone must be unlocked. Unlocking the phone just means that it will be released from its current network to be ready for use on other mobile networks. This applies to any brand of mobile phone, including the Iphone. 

Steps in unlocking your Iphone: 

  1. Get in touch with your mobile carrier. They are the only ones who can officially unlock your Iphone. The unlocking process may take days to a week and requirements must be submitted before they can proceed with the process. 
  2. Once your phone is unlocked, the mobile carrier will notify you immediately. The unlocking process does not end here. 
  3. If you already have a new sim card (from a different carrier), you only need to remove the old sim card and insert the new sim card into the slot. You can now activate your Iphone!

What if I don't have a new sim card? 

If you do not have a new sim card, follow these steps: 

  1. Back up your Iphone!
  2. Once you have backed up your phone and secured all data, you can now erase your Iphone by tapping 'Erase all contents and settings' . 
  3. Erasing all contents and settings will restore your Iphone to its factory settings. 
  4. Restart your phone and restore the backup from step 1. 
  5. Insert your new sim card into the slot and your phone is ready for use! 

If even after following these steps and you still receive an error message, you can contact your nearest mobile network provider or mobile phone professionals in Melbourne.